Independant Living Specifications


Height of Controls: (example: door handles, locks, electrical outlets) 4’
Height of Workspace: 34”
Knee Space: 28”H x 36”W
Grab Bar Height (from floor or bottom of tub): 34” to 36”
Turning Radius: 5’ for manual wheelchairs
7’ – 6” for power wheelchairs
10’ – 6” for electric scooters
Minimum clear floor space for person using manual wheelchair: (space in front or beside an object, eg. refrigerator) 30” X 48”
Height of (adult) wheelchair footrests: 9-12”
Height of (adult) wheelchair armrests: 25-39”
Lap depth (adult): 16-19” (plus footrests)
Universal reach range for seated & standing users: 15” (minimum) to 48” (maximum)
Minimum clear door opening: 32”
Clear floor space required on the pull side of door: minimum 60” width (include 24” beside latch) by 60” depth
Minimum passage width required to make 90 degree turn: 42” width into 32” opening
36” width into 42” opening